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The best way to build a network is to be clear about what you want and what you can offer. Whether you’re looking for an investor or want to get in contact with like-minded professionals, Socios Memberclub provides you with a platform to do just that.

We designed the Socios Money Network logo, color scheme, corporate designs, and social media branding. We also created some exclusive merchandise to give to potential cliënts.
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What we did

We've defined a branding guideline, including visual identity guidelines, font family, stationery elements, and color schemes. We choose gold and blue-green to symbolize the color of money. We also supported Socios's social media campaign to launch the money network app.

Services we provided for this project:

Socios Instagram launch campaign

Socios, is so much more than a social network. It's a money network!

Socios Instagram launch campaign
Socios Instagram launch campaign
Socios logo concept

Logo concept
We started with a circle (network). Added a dollar symbol, turned it 90º, and combined it. Finally, we simplified the shape and added an inner circle. At last, we tweaked it to make it look more like an 'S' to refer to Socios.

Socios logo construction

Logo construction
with clear space

Socios Network logo design

App icon design

Socios Network logo design
Socios logo concept
Socios cap