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How to motivate people to go to your gym?



It's a well known problem that people don't like to go to the gym. After a few months, people are not motivated anymore and quit. So, how can you change that?

After some brainstorming sessions, we came up with the 'I LOVE SPORT PIAZZA' campaign. We developed brochures, in-store advertising, posters, advertisements, and flyers to create buzz and attention. The slogan 'I LOVE SPORT PIAZZA' became the gym's new logo and is still in use.

Logo Sport Piazza

Campaign headline/logo design.
Did you spot the dumbell?


Vertical logo design


Horizontal logo design 

What we did

We supported Sport Piazza with their internal and external communications. We created posters, campaign guidelines, color usage, logo, and images. Finally, we made merchandise like caps, hoodies, bags, and t-shirts.

Services we delivered for this project:

Logo Sport Piazza

Snap cap design Sport Piazza (embroidery)

Logo Sport Piazza