A lightweight identity and a custom build BMI calculator

WeightWorks Quick Scan BMI calculator


WeightWorks' existing brand needed an update. They asked us for a total identity rebrand. It required a more dynamic feeling and animated elements. And one important thing: the hummingbird is necessary to stay.

The solution
We achieved a complete lightweight rebrand for WeightWorks, backed by calm waves. We upgraded the new website with an optimized user experience and CMS integration. One of the main features of the website is the Quick scan. A custom builds BMI calculator.

The hummingbird
The existing hummingbird was outdated, so we refurbished it slightly and gave it a more modern look.

Logo design WeightWorks

Old versus new
The old logo with the hummingbird and the refurbished version. The hummingbird is 'flying' and slightly uplifted. The color changed to a more bright lavender purple color. Changing the font to a smaller, friendlier one improves the readability.

WeightWorks logo construction

Logo construction
with clear space

Scan result screen garbage Go

Quick Scan BMI calculator. In three steps, you know your BMI and need surgery.